On the waterfront

Sydney. Its Opera House. Its Harbour Bridge. Its blue waters.

These are they.

Many keen beans are prepared to spend a fortune (up to $A373) and have their cameras and other possessions confiscated just to walk across the top of the bridge. Did we? What do you think?

A fine view of the skyline can be had from Watson’s Bay, a ferry ride away. Useful tourist tip: make sure the ticket machine is working, or you will end up buying a $A10 Opal card that’s good for nine years. Did we? What do you think?

Beaut Bondi beach. Balmy.

Argyle Cut provides a grim reminder of Sydney’s colonial origins. Convicts had to cut through the solid rock by hand to create the passage in the mid-19th century. It took 16 years.

We took a day trip out to the Blue Mountains, so-called because from a distance the refraction of the light makes them look that colour. Note the Three Sisters top left.

We finally got to see a cassowarry…

…a wombat…

…an echidna, or spiny anteater, the only living egg-laying mammal…

…a quokka, another marsupial…

…and a baby roo in the pouch.

These cherry blossom were aflower in Leura, a delightful mountain village. Dozens of Asian tourists were after the same shot. Sakura!

After 33 years, we were finally reunited with Diane and Barry, Mike’s colleagues from Tokyo days. Next reunion: 2049.

And we met up with Elena and Ron, friends we first encountered in Vietnam three years ago.

Next up: Hobart!



  1. Wonderful photos Terese and Mike. Enjoying your Blog. It was great to see you both again after 33 years. Also overwhelmed and grateful for your generosity last Friday night. Barry

  2. So cool to see you with Diane and Barry! I hope to catch up with them again next year – why wait till 2049, after all?!

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